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Services explained


If you feel like VAT rules and constant changes are preventing you from seeing the wood for the trees, VAT INSTITUTE would be happy to provide insight and advice on your options. 


Disagree with the tax authorities? VAT INSTITUTE can represent you in complaints and appeals procedures. We will advocate for your interests and get the very best out of the situation that we can.

VAT scan

Is your organization still compliant with all VAT requirements, despite constant change? Are you making the most of your VAT options? VAT INSTITUTE’s VAT scan will find out. 

Returns and refunds

Need to submit a return in a foreign country, or submit a claim for a refund? VAT INSTITUTE would be happy to take care of these and other formal VAT matters in foreign countries on your behalf. 

Fiscal representation

Sometimes, you need a fiscal representative in another country. VAT INSTITUTE takes on this role in the Netherlands, and can put you in touch with similar parties abroad.

Training and courses

Interested in improving your VAT skills or those of your organization? VAT INSTITUTE offers in-company and public training and courses. 

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