Regular login method for OSS filings at the Dutch Tax Authority ends: e-herkenning required for OSS and VAT returns

As of July 1, 2024, the regular login method using a username and password for filing OSS returns with the Dutch Tax Authority will end. This change primarily affects foreign entrepreneurs conducting business in the Netherlands, making it essential for them to transition to e-herkenning, a secure and standardized login method.

e-herkenning is similar to the well-known DigiD for individuals but designed for businesses and organizations. The system offers a higher level of security and reliability, which is crucial for sensitive financial transactions such as tax filings. With e-herkenning, companies can securely and easily log in to various government services and agencies, including the Tax Authority.

The shift to e-herkenning means that companies must timely arrange their affairs to avoid being unable to submit their OSS returns. This can pose a challenge, especially for foreign entrepreneurs who may not be familiar with e-herkenning.

We understand the complexity and potential questions surrounding this transition and offer support in applying for e-herkenning. Our services include guidance regarding the choice of service supplier, the registration process and selecting the appropriate level of reliability. This way you are ensured that your business remains compliant with Dutch tax regulations.

Contact us for more information and assistance with your transition to e-herkenning. This way, you can ensure the transition to e-herkenning and continue filing your OSS returns.

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