Training and courses

Want to stay up to date on current VAT developments, raise your employees’ awareness of VAT, boost your basic knowledge of VAT, or even evolve from a generalist to a specialist? VAT INSTITUTE would be happy to help you. We have vast amounts of VAT knowledge that we would be happy to share with you in the form of webinars, lectures, courses, and in-company training. 

Webinars and lectures

In the world of VAT, a change in the rules can sometimes mean a big change for you. What does that change mean for your organization or clients? Do processes need to be adjusted, is more VAT payable, or are there now options for a lower VAT return or higher refund? 

When these things happen, VAT INSTITUTE will share what it knows through webinars and lectures. We clearly explain the changes, the consequences of those changes in different situations, and advise on what you can do to make the most of your position in the new VAT landscape. 

In-company courses

We put together bespoke in-company courses, fully tailored to your organization’s activities. We prefer to involve everyone in the process, not just finance staff, but those working in marketing, communication, purchasing, legal, sales, and funds acquisition as well. We demonstrate how they should take VAT into account in their work so that the process is properly organized throughout, ensuring that no opportunities get lost.

Short training courses

Perhaps your VAT knowledge is up to date but you’re keen to brush up on a specific area? VAT INSTITUTE arranges short training courses. In just a few hours, you can be fully up to speed on the topics that matter, including fiscal representation, exemptions, and chargeable activities. 

VAT Academy

VAT INSTITUTE has set up the VAT Academy for junior VAT advisors, accountants, tax advisors, and tax specialists who are looking to develop their skills and become senior VAT specialists. Our training and coaching programs will help you to boost your knowledge of VAT. We offer two different tracks – international and immovable property. Courses are intensive and last for seven days, spread over several months, during which time we’ll freshen up your theoretical knowledge through in-depth modules and link the theory to practice.

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Our specialists

VAT INSTITUTE is comprised of a large team of VAT experts, each with their own area of focus. We’ll give you the best possible specialist for whatever issue you might be facing. 

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