Litigating for Entrepreneurs

If you disagree with the Tax Authority and cannot resolve the issue with the Tax Inspector, your first step is to try to obtain a favorable outcome through an objection procedure. If this does not result in the desired decision from the Tax Authority, you can appeal against it to a higher court or even take it to the Supreme Court.

We conduct proceedings together with our clients and can also assess the feasibility of the case beforehand. The VAT experts at VAT INSTITUTE closely monitor all (inter)national cases, ensuring we are knowledgeable about the most recent jurisprudence.

Formal and Substantive

At VAT INSTITUTE, we often observe from a distance that some appeal procedures are nipped in the bud due to formal errors. The appellant may have a very strong case on substantive grounds, but might be unfamiliar with the exact formalities of the procedure. Overlooking these details can lead to a loss despite the merits of the case. This highlights the importance of expertise in these processes.


Considering filing an objection or appeal? Engage the VAT INSTITUTE. We are experienced in such procedures, combining both the formal and substantive aspects of cases, and advocate maximally for your rights and interests. We adhere not only to the (Tax) laws but also enhance these principles with our current knowledge of developments and recent (judicial) decisions or legislative history, significantly increasing your chances of success.

Do You Have a Chance in a VAT Procedure?

Is it worthwhile to initiate a VAT procedure? VAT INSTITUTE provides preliminary advice on the viability of the appeal. We assess the case, arguments, feasibility, and prospects.

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Our specialists

VAT INSTITUTE is comprised of a large team of VAT experts, each with their own area of focus. We’ll give you the best possible specialist for whatever issue you might be facing. 

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