Returns and refunds

VAT returns are easy, aren’t they? To a certain extent, they are. You shouldn’t have too much difficulty completing your Dutch VAT return yourself and you probably won’t need our help. But when you start trading internationally, that’s when things start to get complicated. When submitting VAT returns abroad, there’s a lot to think about, and every country has different rules and opportunities. VAT INSTITUTE understands them all. We have knowledge of VAT matters in all EU states as well as outside, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, and China. 

Netherlands – abroad and vice versa

VAT INSTITUTE helps organizations with their foreign VAT returns every single day – both Dutch organizations that need to submit foreign returns, and the other way around. We will complete the return and make sure that you need to remit as little VAT as possible, at the same time making sure that you maximize your VAT refund options.

Online shop? Don’t neglect the VAT

Many organizations and international companies are aware of their foreign VAT obligations. But for many new online businesses, this is a new area. It’s not necessarily difficult to comply with VAT rules in other countries, but it certainly needs to be properly taken care of. VAT INSTITUTE would be happy to help you.

Forgotten VAT return = financial penalty

If you’re unaware of your foreign VAT obligations, you might get a shock when you receive a financial penalty. Even if you know that you need to submit a return, doing it late can also mean a fine. A German return, for example, must always be submitted before the tenth day of the month. VAT INSTITUTE knows the deadlines in other countries, and will make sure that your return is submitted in time. 

Registration, deregistration, and submission

Before you can complete VAT returns, it’s essential that you register for VAT in the foreign country. VAT INSTITUTE would be happy to take care of this for you. If and when your activities in a particular country come to an end, we’ll handle all deregistration for you so that you’re no longer required to submit returns. If you need to make submissions in the meantime, so that there’s insight into your goods flows, leave it to VAT INSTITUTE. 

Need to submit a VAT return in a foreign country? Please get in touch. We’d be happy to take it off your mind. 

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Our specialists

VAT INSTITUTE is comprised of a large team of VAT experts, each with their own area of focus. We’ll give you the best possible specialist for whatever issue you might be facing. 

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