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On 18th September, the VAT-Portal was launched: the most complete and independent current online VAT knowledge platform in the Netherlands. The VAT Portal is an initiative from VAT INSTITUTE in partnership with Novak, service organisation for SME accountancy firms. The VAT Portal covers every conceivable VAT topic and is directly applicable to working practice. This includes VAT deductions and exemptions, but also for special regulations.

The VAT Portal is dynamic, which means it is kept current with periodic updates. In addition, new components are added with these updates. These include, for example, schedules, model agreements and letters, outlines of decisions, legislation and case law. It is also planned that cases will be included in which common VAT problems are outlined, with solutions given.

Benefits of the VAT Portal:

  • a complete and current online reference on the subject of VAT
  • written in clear language
  • a convenient search function
  • links to case law and policy whereby the user also has this information to hand
  • periodic updates by experienced specialists


Onze specialisten

Machiel, Joanne en Daphne

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