Transport & logistics

VAT is a very important consideration in transport and logistics and things can look quite complex when there’s an international element. VAT INSTITUTE will map out the most appropriate route for your VAT affairs. 

Things you might be wondering

  • How does the VAT levy work for my specific transport flow? 
  • How can I avoid VAT registration? 
  • How should I handle VAT when a customer comes to collect products himself? 
  • What do I need to state on my invoices to comply with VAT rules? 

What VAT INSTITUTE can do for you

VAT scan

Our VAT scan shines a light on the VAT flows within your organization and highlights VAT options and risks. We can quickly show you where to make adjustments within your organization to allow you to take advantage of VAT options and avoid potential traps. 


You can consult VAT INSTITUTE for advice whenever you encounter VAT-related problems. We would be happy to help you with advice on appropriate solutions. Better still, we can do even more if you involve us earlier on, for example when you decide to chart a new international course or acquire a new client. That way, we can give you the advice that you need to maximize your VAT options. 

Training and in-company training

Purchasers, planners, and financial staff all have an influence over VAT flows within an organization. VAT INSTITUTE provides in-company training so that you can fully optimize your organization’s VAT process. We teach your employees what to look out for so that they can make the most of VAT options and avoid the risks. 

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Our specialists

Frank, Ariane, Paula, Vivian and Ronald 

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