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The project development industry is a beautiful and dynamic world, but also a world where there are a lot of regulations and tax matters involved. One wrong decision can have serious consequences. But not if it’s up to VAT institute. We think along with you and ensure that you make the maximum use of your VAT related opportunities.

What you might me wondering about

  • How do I save the maximum on VAT and property tax?
  • What should I take into account in terms of purchasing and sales timing?
  • When is the ideal point in a development process to demolish buildings?
  • What influence does the type of intended use have on VAT and transfer tax?

What VAT INSTITUTE can do for you


VAT INSTITUTE can ensure that you make optimal use of your VAT options during the entire development process. Contact us in a timely manner, preferably at the very beginning of your project when you have not spent a single Euro or given your signature. 


Are you faced with unpleasant surprises from the Tax Authorities during your project and are you unable to reach an agreement with the inspector? In that case, you can also contact VAT INSTITUTE. We will take over all your concerns regarding the objection or appeal, represent your interests and optimize your chances during the process. We are familiar with all the gray areas and know how to get the most out of them with our knowledge and experience in VAT and case law. However, if we notice in advance that your case is unlikely to succeed, we will be honest about that. 

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Our specialists

VAT INSTITUTE is comprised of a large team of VAT experts, each with their own area of focus. We’ll give you the best possible specialist for whatever issue you might be facing. 

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