We often see the non-profit sector failing to maximize its VAT opportunities. There are many things that can be excluded from VAT, but due to a lack of awareness, are often still included. VAT INSTITUTE will ensure that you are utilizing every VAT option available to you.

Things you might be wondering

  • How can I honestly and transparently ensure that I am not paying more VAT on my income than I need to?
  • What VAT deduction options do I have? 
  • I am constructing a new school building, are there any options here for saving VAT?
  • Do I need to pay VAT on the full amount of our sponsorship sale?

WHAT VAT INSTITUTE can do for you

VAT scan

Our VAT scan shines a light on your non-profit organization and highlights VAT options and risks. We can instantly show you where there is still opportunity within your non-profit organization to both pay less VAT and deduct more. 


VAT INSTITUTE would be happy to offer advice on the specifics of VAT in the non-profit sector. The earlier you decide to work with us, the more we can do to help your organization. 
A good example is the sale of sponsorship items – a portion of the price is the sales value, but another portion is the sponsorship contribution. It is possible to avoid VAT on the latter part altogether, but only if this is taken into account early on in the purchasing and sales process. After that, it’s too late to fix it. With advice from VAT INSTITUTE, you can take care of this early on.

Our specialists for non-profit organizations

  • Machiel, Joanne, and Daphne


Our specialists

Machiel, Joanne, and Daphne

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