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In healthcare, your first priority is your clients or patients, such that more peripheral matters like VAT can feel like a secondary concern. It still needs to be properly taken care of – just leave it to VAT INSTITUTE. 

Things you might be wondering

  • How can I make sure that I don’t pay any more VAT than necessary? 
  • What VAT deductions are available in the healthcare sector? 
  • How can I save VAT when making investments? 
  • Do I need to pay VAT on donations?

WHAT VAT INSTITUTE can do for you

VAT scan

How are VAT remittances and deductions in your organization taken care of? Are you taking advantage of all of the opportunities available? Are you avoiding the risks? You can probably enjoy other VAT benefits by implementing process and organizational changes. Our VAT scan will show you at a glance what you can do. 


VAT INSTITUTE has ample experience with advising organizations in the healthcare sector. We know the options, the blind spots, and the potential traps and we help you to recognize and navigate them. Ideally, before you encounter them! The earlier you involve us, the more we can do for you. Some transactions can’t be fixed after the fact, which means that VAT opportunities go to waste. Let us look through everything for you so that we can confirm whether your affairs are being properly taken care of.



Our specialists

Machiel, Joanne, and Daphne

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