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The world of VAT is so dynamic that as a tax specialist, accountant, or advisor, there’s almost nothing you can do to keep up with the rules and current events, especially in international operations. When advising your client, there’s a great risk of you missing things. That’s where VAT INSTITUTE comes in. We have just one area of focus – VAT. 

VAT INSTITUTE is independent

VAT is our singular focus. We don’t prepare annual accounts or carry out other consultancy and activities that tax specialists and accountants can handle. This means that we’re a completely independent party who can add expertise to your services and work with you to advise your client in the best way possible. 

Things you might be wondering

  • Is the advice that I’m giving to my client correct, or am I missing something? 
  • My client is looking to tap into new, international markets. What will this mean for VAT? 
  • Does the VAT appeal that we’re planning to lodge have any chance of success? 
  • Am I and my client maximizing VAT opportunities? 

WHAT VAT INSTITUTE can do for you

VAT scan

Would you like to know if your client’s VAT affairs are properly in order? VAT INSTITUTE’s VAT scan will find out. We map VAT options and risks to show where your organization can make adjustments to make optimal use of all VAT opportunities available to you. 


Do you need additional VAT expertise in the advice that you give to your clients? VAT INSTITUTE would be happy to advise. We work with you to make sure that your clients get the best possible guidance. Engage our services as promptly as possible so that we can do even more on your behalf. 


Are you and your client planning to submit a complaint or lodge an appeal with the tax authorities or courts and want to boost your chance of a positive outcome? VAT INSTITUTE would be happy to act as your expert and spokesperson. We have a wealth of experience with complaints and appeals processes and use our current knowledge of developments and jurisprudence, in addition to well-known legislation, to assist you. This allows us to advocate for your interests to the fullest extent possible.

Returns and refunds

You are unlikely to need our help submitting your regular returns in the Netherlands, but we may be able to add value when it comes to submitting foreign returns. This is where VAT INSTITUTE really excells. From VAT registration, to returns, submissions, and deregistration. We would be happy to provide you with complete peace of mind. 

Training and courses

Want to boost your knowledge of VAT? Perhaps you’re looking for training or in-company training for your client? VAT INSTITUTE is here to assist you. 

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Our specialists

VAT INSTITUTE is comprised of a large team of VAT experts, each with their own area of focus. We’ll give you the best possible specialist for whatever issue you might be facing. 

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