advice on international vat

Mr. Frank Resseler

Frank studied Tax Law at the University of Leiden. Frank mainly focuses on consultancy and training for companies and organisations operating internationally.

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DRS Ariane van den Berg

Ariane studied Business Administration at Erasmus University Rotterdam and studied to become a tax consultant with the FSDC. She focuses mainly on consultancy for organisations operating internationally and is responsible for clients of VAT INSTITUTE operating in the Middle East.

Ronald van den Hurk

Ronald studied Fiscal Economics at Tilburg University and mainly focuses on consultancy for companies operating internationally, as well as accountancy, administrative, and tax consultancy firms.

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Paula Posthumus LLM

Paula is the Manager of team International, which consists of the VAT compliance team, the International advisory team, and the Fiscal representation team. She has been working with VAT INSTITUTE since 2019 and she specializes in international trade and fiscal representation. Paula has received her LLM title in 2010 at Tilburg University where she studied Tax Law with a specialization in indirect taxes.

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Aron van Dijke

Aron is studying Law at Erasmus University in Rotterdam and is a junior VAT specialist.

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Vivian Mok LLM

Vivian studied Tax Law at Erasmus University Rotterdam. She mainly focuses on consultancy for Chinese clients and companies operating internationally.

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