The power of VAT INSTITUTE

The power of VAT INSTITUTE in three words – complete, leading, and modern.


When it comes to VAT, we know everything so in a practical sense, our VAT services are complete. That is the basis on which we work. But as a service provider, you can only be truly complete if you have people in mind as well – the business person or advisor as a client, and your organization’s employees. At VAT INSTITUTE, you have the space in which to develop, both professionally and personally.



Staying ahead. It’s been our mission since 2003 and remains so today. The world of VAT is highly dynamic and you can always rely on us to be up to speed on current events and to be ahead in our knowledge and skills. We incorporate our awareness of current events into our services all the time, and take a creative approach when it comes to seeking out gaps in the law. We think outside the box, but stay within the lines of what’s possible and what’s allowed. 


What does a VAT advisor look like to you? Someone who looks at your books and gives you advice? Someone who sends you an invoice for every telephone call? Someone who uses fancy terms to try to impress? VAT INSTITUTE is none of those. We discuss developments in your organization with you and use that information to offer appropriate VAT advice. We explain our advice concisely and clearly. Where possible, we put our services into a package so that you can come to us with questions whenever you need, without having to worry about unexpected invoices.

The team

The team at VAT Institute is made up of a group of experts, including advisors, compliance specialists, and support staff. Although each of our experts has enough individual knowledge to help you, we work closely together as a team behind the scenes. When more complex issues arise, we always have another pair of eyes take a look so that you can be certain that the solution you’re being offered is the best one.

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